Video girl Ai (EN) T.03

Katsura, Masakazu

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When Moemi tells Yota Moteuchi that she’s in love with his friend Takashi, Yota’s heart is broken. But when a dream girl steps out of his TV, Yota’s crush becomes a love triangle. He’ll never trust video-box hype again!

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In this manga series, depressed high school student Yota Moteuchi rents an adult video that promises, I’ll Cheer You Up. He is astonished when Video Girl Ai Amano emerges from his TV into his room and promises to stay with him. But what begins as a more titillating version of the cheerful Oh My Goddess! quickly veers deep into romantic turmoil. While trying to support Yota’s pursuit of Moemi, the girl he loves, Ai falls in love with him herself, and his feelings for her grow as well. However, love is forbidden to video girls, and Ai’s creator attempts to destroy her. By this volume, Ai has returned, suffering from amnesia, while Yota becomes estranged from his third love interest, Nobuko. The series could have used a surer hand in plotting-it has already changed focus several times-and Ai’s creator is more a generic villain than a developed character. But what saves this work is its searching emotional honesty and Katsura’s heart-meltingly cute renderings of his female characters. The nudity and sexual situations here are too much for young adult collections, but the series will appeal to manga fans. Recommended for larger adult collections. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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