Relax, work, study, create, meet friends, draw, chill…

Whether you read mangas or not, O-Taku Manga Lounge is a welcoming and comfy place to dive in the japanese culture.

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What do you eat there ?

Lots of quick japanese snacks, little cheap and comfy meals

Our specials ?

Onigiris : these triangular rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed and stuffed inside, so famous with Japanese people.
And bubble teas, the japanese way : customizable, fruity, made only with natural products

Working in a manga café ?

Yes, you can ! We are so close from downtown’s schools and universities, and from Sherbrooke subway station. There are plugs everywhere. There are even blankets for cozy moods.

Is there wifi ?

Wifi is free for all customers and we don’t push you to eat or drink even when you stay for a long time with us.

And is it quiet enough?

Our two different rooms enable you to always find a quiet spot to be able to concentrate.

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