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O-Taku Manga Lounge was born in 2010 from a concept imported directly from Japan, the Manga Kissa, or Manga Café.

The Lounge is above all a welcoming place allowing you to discover Japanese culture and manga at your own pace and according to your desires.
There you will find one of the largest manga collections all in one place in North America.

Settle down for an hour or an afternoon in the reading room, drink a bubble tea, watch an anime in Japanese, take a class, nibble something … and chat with other enthusiasts like you if you like. want.

If you like manga, here is a little piece of paradise nothing for you!


For all information about the opening hours, please check out our facebook page

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Being an O-Taku member is enjoying so many benefits : exclusive sales, personalized service, etc… And it is also being part of an active and passionate community, meet people who share your passions, exchange, discover… Join us !

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How to get there?

O-Taku Manga Lounge

3623 Saint-Denis Street
2nd Floor
Montral, QC
H2X 3L6


514 285 0999 ext 1


Can I also buy mangas in your store ?

Yes ! You can whether buy your mangas or read on site those of our private collection. Click here for more info

You can also buy from our online store : click here

What are the opening hours ?
For the most accurate opening hours, please chek out our Facebook page. See you soon !
In which language are your mangas ?

We offer a collection in english and a collection in french, both for buying or reading on site. Also, we offer a small collection in japanese original version, only for reading on site. You have to know that, in manga, most titles are printed in french and not in english, which is why our francophone collection is bigger.

Can you deliver my mangas at home ?

Yes we can ! Each purchase made on our online store can be either delivered at home (with shipping fees) or delivered at O-Taku Manga Lounge (free shipping).

If you are used to buy from the store remotely by paying on the phone, we can still carry on this way.

Click here to visit our online store

Do you sell mangas in japanese ?

No. It is very difficult to get mangas in japanese for now and that’s why our original version collection is available only for reading on site.

Can I leave my children there for a while ?

A lot of parents do ! As long as your children are autonomous, you can drop them off and come back when you have finished your business. We write down all they have during the time in the store, and you can pay when leaving, so you don’t have to leave them your credit card !

Can I accompany my child without reading myself ?

Of course ! We only ask to have something to drink or eat, just as if you were in any other coffee shop. No time will be charged.

To have a look at the menu, click here

My children are too young to drink tea. Will they have a drink included in their reading time ?

We offer a whole range of fruity herbal teas adapted to children tastes which can be served while reading.

The list of our herbal teas is available online : click here