O-Taku Lounges ®

A whole new concept in North America

Taku. House, in Japanese.
O-Taku. Like at home. To feel like at home.

Directly inspired by Japanese Manga Kissas and traditional Manga Cafés, but with a Western twist, the O-Taku Manga Lounge in Montreal is a unique concept in North America.

More than a bookstore, a place to meet and share around a common passion: manga.

Currently located in Montreal, we are hoping to bring this concept to the rest of Canada and the USA very soon. Stay tuned!

Our Espaces Manga O-Taku ®

Nestled directly inside partner stores, our Espaces Manga O-TAKU offer manga collections ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 volumes across Quebec.

True little sanctuaries of Jaones comics, they offer the possibility to newbies and connoisseurs to satisfy their passion for manga.

Come and discover them!