Which are the best translations ?

It depends on mangas.

The french version is often more precise, more close to the original version, because translation is made directly from Japanese to French, while english translation is sometimes made from French to English, in order to reduce translation costs. But it is not always the case and the France’s french translation is not always appreciated of everybody.

Why release dates are not the same than in France or in the States ?

All the mangas that we have in Quebec are printed in France or in the States. They are imported by boat and thus it takes several weeks before we receive them.

I accompany my kid and I would like to try to read mangas. Are there mangas for adults ?

A great section, again clearly identified, is reserved to mangas for adult readers (over 20 years old).

The ‘’seinen’’ category broaches more complex and mature topics. Themes are extremely diversified : historical, mystery, dark fantasy, psychology, social critique… There are mangas for all tastes and drawing styles are very diversified too.

The ‘’josei’’ category aims mainly adult women. On a passionate love story background, topics are multiple : the place of woman within society, marriage and couple life, historical feminine leading figures, adventures or criminal inquiries, realistic or fantasist, highlighting strong and determined women.

We are eager to initiate you to all this !

How to avoid violence or explicit contents ?

First of all, keep in mind that we are always here to give advices on the most appropriate series for each person.

Mangas are categorized by type of public to whom they are aiming.

The two categories that aim teenagers (12 to 18 years old) are clearly identified on our shelves : the ‘’shonen’’ category, made of adventure, fantasy worlds, action and humour (even adults like it !), and the ‘’shojo’’category, aiming a more feminine public, which broaches various topics such as social relationships, discovering the world, music, sports, school… often with a love story.

Are there mangas adapted to younger children ?

A whole range of mangas was gradually built in order to initiate younger children. The ‘’kodomo’’ class is made for children between 6 and 12 years old through educational, adventurous, humorous or cute animal story themes. We also have a collection of illustrated books for children under 6.

Discover our children mangas here

I have just started to get interested in the manga world, but there are so many mangas that I don’t know which way to start. How can I get my bearings ?

That’s true. The manga world is huge and it’s ok to feel lost.

Here are some tips to begin :

Turn to our Classics collection : you will find there the best-seller manga, the most famous, those which had an influence on their kind (Dragon Ball or Akira for example), or those you heard people talking about so many times with nostalgia (Captain Harlock maybe ?).

Talk with our team : they know their collection by heart ! Whether you like adventure, suspense, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, romance, food or sports, they will find something that suits you !

For a manga first time, they will probably ask you your favorite book or movie.

You can also refer to our team’s favorites by clicking here

Do you participate to external events ?

All the time !

We are as active outside the store than we are inside !
You will find us in a majority of geek and otaku conventions (such as Otakuthon or Comiccon for example), on comic exhibitions (like in the Comic Festival of Montreal), on events organized by the montreal-japanese community such as the Matsuri. We are pleased to help the community live and that’s why we help organizations which wish to offer diversified activities to their public.

In brief, we are involved in everything that concerns directly or indirectly manga culture in Quebec.

Do you host groups ?

Yes, very regularly !

You are looking for a place to gather with your group and practice your passion ? We host groups for one-time or recurrent events (Mahjong or Go players, Gundam club, japanese doll fans, asian culture students, japanese cinema fans…). We can make a private room or not, depending on your budget.

For more info about hosting groups, contact Amelie. Go to Contact Us page

Can I book one of your rooms for a private event ?

Yes we can organize private events in the back room, whether for a private movie night, or a birthday party, or a scholarship group…

Can I take private lessons ?

Yes, we also organize private lessons for japanese or manga drawing.

You have restrained schedule ?
You want to work on a detail or a specific technique ?
Private lessons can be organized at O-Taku Manga Lounge. We will only have to check the availability of a teacher. No commitment is required, but the hourly rate will lower according to how many classes are expected, in order to insure the teacher a stability.

Do you organize manga drawing classes outside O-Taku Manga Lounge ?

Yes, regularly.

Our teachers make themselves available to give manga drawing classes or manga creative activities at home, in your school, or for your festival, whether for a big group or a private lesson.

For more info about outside activities, contact Amelie. Go to Contact us page

Do you organize birthday parties for children/teenagers ?

With great pleasure !

For groups from 3 to 20 people, we organize your birthday party at O-Taku Manga Lounge : choice of several activities, attractive group rates and the possibility to order your birthday cake decorated with the manga of your choice, with colors and flavors you like. We take care of everything !

For more info about organizing your birthday party, contact Amelie. Go to Contact us page

Can you come to schools/libraries to give manga workshops ?

Yes, very often !

We work with public, private and school librairies, with leisure technicians and with teachers to organize manga activities directly inside their premises, whether for a one-time activity, or to hold a manga club on a regular basis.

For more info, contact Amelie. Go to Contact us page

Can I organize a school trip with my class ?

Our premises’ size allow us to host big groups and we often invite entire classes to follow a drawing workshop, attend to a conference on manga ou simply to take advantage of our reading-on-site collection of mangas.

For more info, contact Amelie. Go to Contact us page

If I register at the japanese class and I complete all levels, will I be able to speak a perfect japanese ?

Once all lessons completed, you will obviously not be bilingual. However, you will be able to handle current situations and moreover to shade what you are saying, which is very important when speaking with a Japanese person.

Read Asahi Shibun newspaper seated on an old Kyoto terrace, easily ask for your way in Tokyo’s labyrinthic streets, start studying at the famous Todai university, read mangas in original version, ask a japanese chef the secret for his miso broth, register for Jet Program and go leaving in Japan for a few years…

After class, practice is your best ally ! がんばて ください

Is there a diploma for the classes you offer ?


Our classes, whether japanese or manga drawing, are based on the pleasure you will take on practicing and increasing your technical skills. No diploma will be awarded at the end. But, after the manga drawing class, you will take your work back with you, that you will have entirely realized on your own !

Know more about manga drawing classes…

Know more about japanese classes…

Can you deliver my mangas at home ?

Yes we can !

Each purchase made on our online store can be either delivered at home (with shipping fees) or delivered at O-Taku Manga Lounge (free shipping).

If you are used to buy from the store remotely by paying on the phone, we can still carry on this way.

Click here to visit our online store

Can I accompany my child without reading myself ?

Of course !

We only ask to have something to drink or eat, just as if you were in any other coffee shop. No time will be charged.

To have a look at the menu, click here

Do you sell mangas in japanese ?


It is very difficult to get mangas in japanese for now and that’s why our original version collection is available only for reading on site.

My children are too young to drink tea. Will they have a drink included in their reading time ?

We offer a whole range of fruity herbal teas adapted to children tastes which can be served while reading.

The list of our herbal teas is available online : click here

Can I leave my children there for a while ?

A lot of parents do !

As long as your children are autonomous, you can drop them off and come back when you have finished your business. We write down all they have during the time in the store, and you can pay when leaving, so you don’t have to leave them your credit card !

In which language are your mangas ?

We offer a collection in english and a collection in french, both for buying or reading on site. Also, we offer a small collection in japanese original version, only for reading on site. You have to know that, in manga, most titles are printed in french and not in english, which is why our francophone collection is bigger.

Can I also buy mangas in your store ?

Yes !

You can whether buy your mangas or read on site those of our private collection. Click here for more info

You can also buy from our online store : click here

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