Mashle: Magic and muscles (EN) T.01

Komoto, Hajime




A cross-over between One Punch Man and Harry Potter?!
No, the O-Taku team has not lost their mind, that’s exactly what you can expect with Mashle!

In the world of Mashle, the mastery of magic is a must. Those who do not practice it live as outcasts, and even potentially in danger. This is what will happen to Mash Burnedead and his father. Trained to the max to compensate for his lack of magical powers, Mash is a bodybuilding god with unparalleled strength. Slamming the door to his room a little too hard is tantamount to destroying it entirely!

The day his lack of powers is discovered, he must enroll in Easton, a prestigious school of magic, and become the best student in order to survive.

But his legendary strength will shatter all the established rules and codes, and shake up Easton’s pleasant tranquility.

A completely crazy and offbeat comedy parodying both Harry Potter and the classic shonen and that will make you die of laughter.

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