Rinne (EN) T.18

Takahashi, Rumiko

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Ever Since A Strange Encounter When She Was A Child, Sakura Mamiya Has Had The Power To See Ghosts. Now In High School, She Just Wishes The Ghosts Would Leave Her Alone! When Her Mysterious Classmate Rinne Rokudo Shows Up, Sakura Finds Herself Following Him Into The Amazing World Between Life And Death! Fall Turns To Winter, And In The Next World Everyone Is Out Looking For Mushrooms. Gathering Around The Stew Pot Stirs The Appetite And Challenges Rinne To Stay Focused On His Mission To Exorcise Ghosts! When Tamako’s Black Cat By Contract Kuroboshi And His Grandson, Kuroboshi The 3rd, Arrive It Looks Like Rinne’s Winter Vacation Is Going To Be All Business!

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