Kaiju No 8 (EN) T.01 (release in December)

Matsumoto, Naoya




Kafka Wants To Clean Up Kaiju, But Not Literally! Will A Sudden Metamorphosis Stand In The Way Of His Dream? With The Highest Kaiju-emergence Rates In The World, Japan Is No Stranger To Attack By Deadly Monsters. Enter The Japan Defense Force, A Military Organization Tasked With The Neutralization Of Kaiju. Kafka Hibino, A Kaiju Corpse Cleanup Man, Has Always Dreamed Of Joining The Force And Wants Another Shot At Achieving His Childhood Dream Of Eliminating The Kaiju. But How Can He Expect To Fight Kaiju When He Suddenly Becomes One Himself?! Kafka Hopes To One Day Keep His Pact With His Childhood Friend Mina To Join The Japan Defense Force. But While She’s Out Neutralizing Kaiju As Third Division Captain, Kafka Is Stuck Cleaning Up The Aftermath Of Her Battles. Now, Thanks To A Sudden Eligibility Rule Change, Kafka Has One More Shot At Realizing His Dream. There’s Just One Problem—he’s Suddenly Turned Into A Kaiju! And Even Worse, He’s Made The Defense Force’s Neutralization List Under The Code Name Kaiju No. 8.

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