Jujutsu Kaisen (EN) T.00

Akutami, Gege




Yuji Itadori Is Resolved To Save The World From Cursed Spirits, But He Soon Learns That The Best Way To Do It Is To Slowly Lose His Humanity And Become One Himself! In A World Where Cursed Spirits Feed On Unsuspecting Humans, Fragments Of The Legendary And Feared Demon Ryomen Sukuna Were Lost And Scattered About. Should Any Demon Consume Sukuna’s Body Parts, The Power They Gain Could Destroy The World As We Know It. Fortunately, There Exists A Mysterious School Of Jujutsu Sorcerers Who Exist To Protect The Precarious Existence Of The Living From The Supernatural! Yuta Okkotsu Is A Nervous High School Student Who Is Suffering From A Serious Problem…his Childhood Friend Rika Has Turned Into A Curse And Won’t Leave Him Alone. Since Rika Is No Ordinary Curse, His Plight Gets Noticed By Satoru Gojo, A Teacher At Jujutsu High, A School Where Exorcists Are Taught To Combat Curses. Gojo Convinces Him To Enroll, But Can Yuta Learn Enough In Time To Confront The Curse That Haunts Him?

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