Testament of sister new devil storm ! (EN) T.03

KISÔ Fumihiro, ÔKUMA Nekosuke, UESU Tetsuto

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A DEVILISH DOUBLE DATE! High school student Toujo Basara has it made–no less than four hot women are living with him, heroes and demonic step-sisters alike! The curse that binds them can stoke passion at a moment’s notice, and with a succubus in the house, just about anything can take a sexy turn. A double date, a day at school, a chance encounter with his teacher…Basara seems to find romance wherever he looks. But what will happen when he runs into an old enemy? The Testament of Sister New Devil: Storm is a mature companion series to The Testament of Sister New Devil. Both series can be read together or independently.

Type de série
Finished Serie, Short Serie
Seven Seas
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