Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (EN) T.06

Hayao Miyazaki

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In a long-ago war, humankind set off a devastating ecological disaster. Now the Earth is slowly submerging beneath the expanding Sea of Corruption, an enormous toxic forest filled with mutant fungi that release a miasma of poisonous spores into the air. Nausicaa, a compassionate young princess, and her allies fight to create peace between kingdoms fighting over the world’s remaining precious natural resources. Nausicaa embarks on an inner, spiritual journey to the heart of the Sea of Corruption, where she discovers its surprising secret. She returns to the land of the living, compelled to share her discovery, but Nausicaa accidentally awakens a God Warrior – a biotechnological abomination of the war known as the Seven Days of Fire – from its stasis. And now the monstrous yet childlike God Warrior thinks Nausicaa is its mother!

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Type de série
Finished Serie, Short Serie
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