Ping Pong (EN) T.01

Taiyo Matsumoto




Work of youth of Taiyô Matsumoto finally translated into English, Ping Pong is more than a sports manga. The long journey of an unusual character, in search of himself, his path, his happiness. 

Smile and Peko, childhood friends, attend the same high school and are enrolled in the ping-pong club. Of very different characters, Smile has always lived in the shadow of Peko, to whom everything succeeds … Until the day when against a Chinese player of very high level, Peko, who dreams of becoming world champion, loses the match without scoring a single point. On his side, Smile, for whom ping-pong is a simple hobby, is noticed by the coach of the club of his high school …

Like many authors, the sports manga was a springboard to fame for the author of the famous Tekkon Kinkreet, but he managed to give his own style to the work, both through its clean and so characteristic graphics and its intimate and partly autobiographical narrative style . 

A must to discover absolutely if you already like other mangas of the author 

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