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Cours de session / Level 101

Manga Drawing Lesson – Level 101 – Online – Fridays 5:30pm

- Cours de session
Online activity
September 30
Friday - 17h30 to 19h30
8 to 15 years old


Have you ever dreamed of creating your own manga? If so, discover with us all the great secrets of the Mangaka! Step by step, you will learn through this course 101 the basic techniques to draw the face from the front, facial expressions, different hairstyles, the human body and its proportions as well as clothes. In short, everything you need to create your character from A to Z!

All of our classes focus on manga-specific techniques. Whatever your level, we recommend starting with level 101 to start on a solid basis and practice. Do not hesitate to take this course several times if necessary because the most important thing in drawing is practice.

Session Breakdown

Course #1: Presentation – My Otaku Academia and introduction to construction lines and Destructuring.
Lesson #2: The face from the front: The eyes, the nose and the mouth.
Lesson #3: The different facial expressions.
Lesson #4: Nature and Haircut.
Lesson #5: Practical exercise: A character and his expressions.
Course #6: Introduction to Anatomy.
Lesson #7: Proportion and Application.
Class #8: Discovery of Hands and Feet.
Class #9: Clothes: Pleats, Sewing and Gravity.
Lesson #10: Final character illustration from the front with clothes.


Aucun prérequis

Things you'll need

  • computer
  • connexion internet
  • camera
  • microphone
  • note pad
  • feuilles de papier
  • crayons à mine
  • crayons feutres
  • crayons de couleur (optionnel)
  • effaces
  • aiguisoir

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