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AniMontreal Projection Night 16+


Montreal’s very own anime-viewing-club “AniMontreal”, invites you and your friends to their monthly screening night at the Lounge ! Here’s a message from our friends at AniMontreal explaining the event:

From Ghibli to “Koe no Katachi”, anime movies capture our imaginations, tug at our heartstrings, and amaze us with animation. So why not come explore this underrated medium with friends at a new monthly event! The Monthly Movie is a collaborative event between AniMontreal, a local anime meetup group, and the O-Taku Lounge, a Montreal-based manga shop and cafe.

Each month on a Saturday, you can join a host of other anime lovers as we explore a wide variety of movies from all genres, time periods, and studios! At the event, you’ll watch a handful of trailers, vote on your favourite, and then we’ll all pick one to watch for that day.

RSVPs for the event are not mandatory, however if there is a lack of space, preference goes to those who have made a reservation. So make sure you head over to AniMontreal’s event page to secure your spot

If you’re interested in learning more about AniMontreal and their activities you can check out their website here: https://www.animontreal.com/


Cinema night: Your Name – Kimi no na Wa

Amongst the ranks of the highest grossing movies of all time, Your Name can be qualified as a true cultural bomb and invaded cinema screens all over the world at its initial release in 2016.

Directed by Makoto Shinkai (5 Centimeters per Second, Garden of Words) the movie tells the bizarre story of a young adolescent girl living in rural japan and an adolescent boy living in the heart of urban Tokyo, exchanging bodies when they wake up every morning…

The pair communicate with one another by leaving messages on paper, cellphones and simply writing notes down on their hands and arms.

The impact of the exchange on each other’s personal lives is not only palpable but also at times downright chaotic…

Celebrated for its slick animation, brightly painted backgrounds and, above all, its high-emotion narrative, Your Name is a mandatory must-watch for all animation enthusiasts as much as the greatest works of Ghibli Studio.

Movie presented in Japanese with French sub
Entrance 5$

Tickets on sale here:

For the VIP card members of the Lounge: purchase of a ticket is necessary to reserve a seat. The full amount of the ticket will be reimbursed at your next visit.

O-Taku Garage Sale

It’s finally time for a new manga garage sale ^^

All our used mangas starting at 4$ available all day! It’s the perfect occasion to find a good deal. 😉

Following our recent renovations, part of our personal collection, normally only available for reading on place, will be exceptionally put on sale! Some complete and out of print series will be in the lot…

To top it off: a large magazine and manga selection in ORIGINAL JAPANESE PRINT will be available starting at only 2$ /book!

Make some space in your bookshelves! You can also bring us your mangas before or during the event, we’ll take care of selling them for you

Cinema night: Metropolis

Animation masterpiece adapted from one of manga’s best works: Metropolis, written by the great Osamu Tezuka.

Metropolis is a cutting-edge technology megacity populated on its many levels by warring classes.

Robots are the newly acquired slaves of humankind and occupy most of the workforce as the poor have been forced to live in the undergrounds and left with little means of subsistence.

Kenichi assists his detective uncle in the search for Doc Laughton, criminal wanted for organ trafficking. Laughton was hired by the Red Duke, an enigmatic figure pulling strings from the shadows, to create a new kind of robot, superior to Man, physically identical to his disappeared daughter…

Christmas Time’s Free Reading

Free reading 2nd shot ! After the huge success of our 2017 Christmas Time’s Free Reading, we decided to repeat it this year and to offer you one full week of free access to our over 7000 manga library, for all and with no limit of time !

The perfect activity for cold snowy upcoming weeks to cocoon under a comfy blanket, holding a cup of warm tea, and the ideal occasion make discover the shop to, oops, shameful friends that never took the time to come over !

Well we are waiting for you all week long, from December 26th to 31st, with a whole range of new series, to read and read again 🙂

Careful : the doors will be exceptionally closing at 6.00pm on December 31st.