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Daycamp: Japanese Class for Kids

An hour workshop that covers the first few steps of learning Japanese through various fun activities animated by Uiko-sensei, Japanese teacher originating from the Kobe prefecture of Japan.

Class is open to children 6 to 12

Length: 1 hour
Entree: 15 $

Quickly book your place places are limited!
To reserve, call 514-285-0999 or info@otakulounge.com

Cinema night: Metropolis

Animation masterpiece adapted from one of manga’s best works: Metropolis, written by the great Osamu Tezuka.

Metropolis is a cutting-edge technology megacity populated on its many levels by warring classes.

Robots are the newly acquired slaves of humankind and occupy most of the workforce as the poor have been forced to live in the undergrounds and left with little means of subsistence.

Kenichi assists his detective uncle in the search for Doc Laughton, criminal wanted for organ trafficking. Laughton was hired by the Red Duke, an enigmatic figure pulling strings from the shadows, to create a new kind of robot, superior to Man, physically identical to his disappeared daughter…

The Girl who Leapt through Time

Mamoru Hosoda is a renowned japansese director. He’s nominated for “Best Animated Feature” at the 2019 Oscars for his 7th movie “Mirai, my sister”. This month, we go through the key works of the director.

The Girl who Leapt Through Time:

Ordinary schoolgirl, albeit a bit clumsy, Makoto discovers a stranger walnut shape object in an abandoned class. Shortly after, on her way home from school, her bike’s breaks give and she’s hit by a passing train. Magically, Makoto is transported back in time, a few instants before the collision and is able to dodge the fatal incident…

Makoto realises she can leap through time as she pleases and uses her newfound power for just about everything: repeat her favorite meals, fix her lateness problem, perfect grades, infinite karaoke and even perfectly dodge the embarassingly awkward love declarations by her best friend.

But, has her power having undesirable effects on others? Is it even already too late?

Movie presented in japanese with English subtitles