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Otaku Comedy Show #4: 90’s Anime Edition

Do you like ANIME, MANGA, VIDEO GAMES and other Japanese related things? Then the OTAKU COMEDY SHOW has the show for you!

This anime-themed stand-up comedy show is made BY Otakus FOR Otakus. (*COUGH WEEBS*) Featuring Montreal comedians who are guaranteed to have you laughing and begging for more!

This month’s theme is ANIME OF THE 90’S. Looking at you millennials 😉 #nostalgia

At the Best Manga Store Ever: THE O-TAKU MANGA LOUNGE!!

ONLY 10$! — Buy your tickets early before they run out!
*Seating is at 8:30pm! Show is at 9:00pm!*
Seating is limited: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. (or buy online and reserve a seat)

Don’t like paying online, but want get a really good seat? Come to the SUPER SMASH TOURNAMENT at 7:00pm. The tournament has a cash prize *AND* it’s included in the Comedy Show. (See our other event for more details)

Comedians: To be announced!