A small sanctuary for used books, L’Île du Livre is a friendly bookstore located in Cap-aux-Meules on the Îles de la Madeleine. Its libraries are well stocked and its reading area has comfortable armchairs where you can sit down to chat, connect your computer or play board games. Recently, the store has also accomodated a Manga Space for fans of Japanese comics. Literary evenings, book launches, board game nights, screenings and other events make up the beating heart of this charming library. Come see us!

Their Specialties

  • Évènements culturels
  • Bubble Tea + snacks Japonais
  • Used books

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The Store

Our community's voice

L’île du livre is magnificent, magical, and wonderful place!

How to get there?

L’Île du Livre


Are there any books in English?

Yes, L’Île du Livre has an English books section.

Are you open year-round?

Yes, L’Île du Livre reduces its opening hours at the end of the summer, but will remain open so that geeks and bookworms will continue to have a refuge on the Iles de la Madeleine.

Can we eat and drink on-site?

Yes, with the establishment of the O-Taku Manga Space, Book Island has also welcomed the opportunity to introduce Japanese snack foods and Bubble Teas to the library.

What books do you specialize in?

L’Île du Livre specializes in used books, new books related to the Iles de la Madeleine, and new and used manga.

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