Improbable favorites and accurate sense of aesthetics ! Passionate with cinema and drawing and endowed with very critical eye, he will make you discover surprising masterpieces !

Coups de coeurs

Captain Harlock : Dimensional Voyage (EN) T.01 | 9781626925694

Captain Harlock : Dimensional Voyage (EN) T.01


A classic! I grew up with this series and to this day still love to reread it.
Ghost in the Shell (EN) T.01 | 9781935429012

Ghost in the Shell (EN) T.01

SHIROW Masamune

I'm a huge sci-fi fan, so I love the universe of Ghost in the Shell and its cyperpunk aesthetics. A very fun read.
All you Need is Kill - Integral (EN) | 9781421576015

All you Need is Kill – Integral (EN)

Takeshi Obata

An excellent military sci-fi seinen series that inspired the Tom Cruise film "Edge of Tomorrow". The series offers a critique of war culture and detailed art work from the pen of Takeshi Obata, the illustrator of Death Note.
Mobile Suit Gundam - The origin (EN)  T.01 | 9781935654872

Mobile Suit Gundam – The origin (EN) T.01

YASUHIKO Yoshikazu

For any Gundam or mecha fans, this series is a must. Has a great retro style and solid storyline that'll keep you hooked.
Last Hero Inuyashiki (EN) T.01 | 9781632361219

Last Hero Inuyashiki (EN) T.01

OKU Hiroya

Incredibly strange and violent work from the creator of Gantz - not for the faint of heart! But if you know what you're in for, then you'll be swept away by this enthralling read.
Parasyte (EN) T.04 | 9781612620763

Parasyte (EN) T.04

IWAAKI Hitoshi

An older manga that has surged in popularity after the release of an anime adaptation a few years ago. Parayste is at once a humanist fable as relevant to us today as it was at the time of its original publication in 1989 and a thrilling adventure full of tension and well-paced scares.

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