Let Dai (EN) T.01

WON Sooyeon

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let Dai Is A Tragic Tale Of Forbidden Love And Unforgivable Betrayal. Set In A Soulless Neo-seoul Ruled By Young Punks And Pleasure Seekers, An Amoral Teenager Named Dai Is The Living Embodiment Of The City’s Beauty And Cruelty. As The Leader Of The Vicious Furies Gang, Dai Seduces Everyone Who Lays Eyes On Him, Only To Blind Them To His Own Barbaric Nature. When An Honest Schoolboy Named Jaehee Rescues A Beautiful Girl From Being Mugged By The Furies, He Can’t Possibly Realize How This Brief Encounter Will Plunge Him Into A Downward Spiral Of Unbridled Passion And Unfathomable Pain. From His Brutal Gang Initiation To An Unspeakable Act Committed Against His Girlfriend, Jaehee Wavers Uncomfortably Between Revulsion And Fascination. And In Dai He Finds A Tender, Caring Friend One Moment And A Heartless Sociopath The Next, Awakening Strange And Unhealthy Desires In Jaehee That He Could Never Before Have Imagined.

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in This Korean Manhwa In The Shonen-ai (boys’ Love) Genre, High Schooler Jaehee Yoo Tries To Save A Girl Named Yooneun From A Gang, And Afterward He Feels A Powerful Attraction To The Gang’s Leader, A Rebellious, Self-mutilating Pretty Boy Named Dai. Yooneun, Who Develops A Crush On Jaehee Without Knowing His Identity, Turns Out To Be The Older Sister Of Jaehee’s Girlfriend, Eunhyung. When, After Dai And His Gang Brutally Beat Up Jaehee, Dai Kisses Jaehee And Declares His Affection, Jaehee Feels Powerless To Resist. The Art, More Realistic Than Most Shojo Work, Is Reasonably Good. Though The Abusive Relationship Is Distasteful, The Story Is Not Uncompelling-but Overmelodramatic Narration And Difficult Passages Dilute Its Impact. This Is One Of Netcomics’s Inaugural Releases, And The Mediocre Translation, With Spelling And Grammar Errors Here And In Some Of Their Other Books, Does Not Bode Well For Its Future In The American Market. Further, The 13+ Rating Here Is Unreliable: At Any Of The Major Manga Companies, The Bloody Beatings That Dai’s Gang Hand Out (including One To Eunhyung), The Harsh Language They Use, And The Homosexual Theme Would Get The Book A 16+ Or Comparable Rating At Least. Best Avoided. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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