Guin Saga Manga (The) (EN) T.03

Kurimoto, Kaoru

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An Evil Dragon And Seven Powerful Magi Scheme To Control King Guin By Using The Plague And Other Calamities To Lure Him Out Of Cheironia. Aided By A Priestess And An Elder Mage, The Mighty Leopard-masked Warrior Battles To Save Cheironia From Ruin. Illustrated By Kazuaki Yanagisawa ; Story By Kaoru Kurimoto ; [translation By Ishmael Arthur]. Originally Published In Japan As Guin Saga: Shichinin No Madoushi. Story Adapted From The Novels By Kaoru Kurimoto. Manga Format, Reads From Back To Front, Right To Left. Translated From The Japanese.

Vertical Comics
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The twenty-five-million bestselling Japanese heroic fantasy goes manga!

Never has a story been more suited to the form than the pulse-pounding saga of the leopard-masked warrior, who cannot remember his past.

In this first manga series, King Guin must battle a plague made manifest and controlled by seven magi. But even if our hero vanquishes the Black Plague, how will he ever hope to defeat seven powerful magicians?

Hold onto your seats!

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