Gin tama (EN) T.16

Sorachi, Hideaki

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It's samurai vs. aliens!; He's too busy fighting aliens, the yakuza and unemployment! R to L (Japanese Style). Give a German Suplex to Women Who Ask, Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work? Top 5 Things I'll Change When I'm Shogun (by Shinpachi) 1. Mandatory driving classes for Shinsengumi officers 2. Unibrows for everyone! 3. Zero-tolerance policy for cheesy hard-boiled dialog 4. Lock up all the pervy architects 5. I get in free to speed-dating parties The samurai didn't stand a chance. First, the aliens invaded Japan. Next, they took all the jobs. And then they confiscated everyone's swords. So what does a hotheaded former samurai like Sakata Gin Gintoki do to make ends meet? Take any odd job that comes his way, even if it means losing his dignity...

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