World’s end harem: Fantasia (EN) T.04


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An All-new, Mature-rated Fantasy Tale Of Doom And Desire! From Link, The Writer Of Ghost Ship’s Science Fiction Bestseller World’s End Harem, Comes An Erotic Adventure In A World Of Swords And Sorcery. Arc, Heir To The Throne Of Nargala, And His Harem Of Beautiful Women May Be The Only Thing Standing Against The End Of Everything. The World Has Been Corroded By Darkness And Debauchery, But The Mysterious And Sensual Dark Elf Lati Offers Arc The Power He Has Long Yearned For To Change His Fate. Volume Summary: Arc And Wenna Travel North, Seeking A Cure For The Illness Which Has Left Arc’s Father Bedridden. However, Their Journey Is Interrupted When They Come Upon A Band Of Orcs Ransacking A Village. It Looks Like A Straightforward Battle At First, But Then They Uncover The Shocking Truth! Meanwhile, Celine And Joanna Journey Into A Dark Dungeon In Search Of A Hidden Scroll, Only To Come Face To Face With The Mythical Cockatrice. It’s Time To Fight Or Die! Link Is A Bestselling Japanese Writer Best Known For The Manga World’s End Harem And Its Spin-offs, Including World’s End Harem: Fantasia. Savan Is A Japanese Manga Artist And Writer Best Known As The Artist Of World’s End Harem: Fantasia.

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