Dorohedoro (EN) T.06

Hayashida, Q

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A Blood-spattered Battle Between Diabolical Sorcerers And The Monsters They Created. Reads R To L (japanese Style), For Audiences M. In A City So Dismal It’s Known Only As The Hole, A Clan Of Sorcerers Has Been Plucking People Off The Streets To Use As Guinea Pigs For Atrocious Experiments In The Black Arts. In A Dark Alley, Nikaido Found Caiman, A Man With A Reptile Head And A Bad Case Of Amnesia. To Undo The Spell, They’re Hunting And Killing The Sorcerers In The Hole, Hoping That Eventually They’ll Kill The Right One. But When En, The Head Sorcerer, Gets Word Of A Lizard-man Slaughtering His People, He Sends A Crew Of Cleaners Into The Hole, Igniting A War Between Two Worlds.` Caiman Has Left The Hole Behind For The Sorcerers’ Dimension In An Attempt To Unravel The Mysteries Of His Past. As The Sorcerers’ Blue Night Festival Draws To A Close, Nikaido Finds Herself Taken Captive. Supernatural Crime-syndicate Boss En Has Taken An Inordinate Interest In Her Abilities, Which May Be Far Different, And Far More Powerful, Than Anyone Suspects. Oblivious To His Best Friend’s Danger, Caiman Continues His Quest To Determine His True Identity, Picking Up Some Unexpected Help—and Meat Pies—in The Process. But Once He Gets Wind Of Her Predicament, He Makes A Beeline For En’s Heavily Guarded Fortress Of A Mansion. Prison Confessions, Daring Escapes, Strange Tattoos, Unexpected Reunions, And Devils Plenty Abound In This Volume Of Dorohedoro!

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