Chroniques D.
August 17, 2021

Fujimoto Tatsuki, a different mangaka

A true bestselling author, Fujimoto Tatsuki is on the rise among manga readers. A 27-year-old manga artist with both simple…
Chroniques D.
August 10, 2021

The place of mangaka in Japanese society

Being a mangaka is not an easy profession. Constantly under pressure with deadlines to meet and in constant competition with…
Chroniques D.
July 27, 2021

One Piece, the story of a perfectly controlled narrative

Unless you have lived in a cave for the past decade, it's impossible that you haven’t heard of One Piece!…
Chroniques D.
July 20, 2021

Cult manga in Japan

Ghost in the shell, Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Nana, Demon slayer ... All of them are recognized as must-read classics…
Chroniques D.
July 3, 2021

Hanami and Hanabi

National parade-like events, matsuri are an integral part of Japan. Originally, these festivals were ceremonies that celebrated Shinto deities, the…
Chroniques D.
June 22, 2021

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: the manga with a thousand references

More than an established classic, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a curiosity – an extravagant, atypical manga with a unique set…
Chroniques D.
June 8, 2021

How is manga perceived in Japan?

Manga is an incredible phenomenon that continues to conquer new audiences. Originally written in Japanese for Japanese audiences, over the…
Chroniques D.
June 1, 2021

Supokon: when manga intersects with sports!

Sumo, volleyball, rugby, swimming, soccer, boxing, figure skating … The field of sports manga, or supokon, is a wide one.…
Chroniques D.
May 27, 2021

Manga about games!

Manga covers many themes. From sports, to action, adventure, or horror, there's a manga out there for anyone. This thematic…
Chroniques D. | Chroniques Editoriale
May 25, 2021

An hommage to Berserk: the manga embodiment of dark fantasy

Berserk is the 8000-page, 40 volume story of a dark cursed hero as powerful as he is tormented. Above all,…
Chroniques D. | Les séries mythiques
May 4, 2021

Akira: Otomo's masterpiece

A-KI-RATET-SU-OKA-NE-DA Three names, three syllables to yell at the top of your lungs. Akira has been a bombshell since the…
Chroniques D. | Culture pop | Histoire et culture
April 20, 2021

Onomatopoeias: the secondary language of manga

The Japanese language is rich in vocabulary and expressions, but there is a unique category that stands out and if…
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